Everyone the world over seems to love their digital assistant speaking in similar intonations as their local region, we certainly do. It’s somehow more personal and less grating to hear a familiar tone. However, getting those voices correct isn’t easy and outside of the USA and to some degree other English speaking nations there has been very little choice of voices.

You may not have noticed but sometimes Actions will answer you in a different voice to your default Assistant vice, this is because Google provides a catalogue of voices for developers to use for their actions. It seems Google has released an expanded catalogue of voices for developers to use with their Actions on Google.

These new voices include Hindi female 2 and Hindi male 2 voices, also includes are; Chinese (Traditional) Male 2, English-Indian Female 2, Italian Female 2, Italian Male 2, Indonesian Female 2. If you’ve never heard any of these alternate voices try using a few Actions on Google.