Earlier this year OPPO announced the OPPO Watch in an event streamed live from Barcelona (instead of a MWC event). Since then it has not been mentioned more than just in passing and to be honest most of us had forgotten about it. Now it seems that its release is imminent.

One eagle-eyed tech fanatic has spotted the OPPO Watch OW19W12 passing through the FCC, which normally means that its release is close, very close. The FCC listing does not really reveal much that we did not already know given that OPPO told us all about it at the beginning of March.

The new watch is charged using pogo pins as you can see in the FCC images below, has two buttons on the right hand side of the watch and looks incredibly similar to the Apple watch — although the OPPO Watch has a larger screen to body ratio. That is not an entirely bad thing given how popular the Apple watch is. Its similar design may be popular with a lot of Android users out there given that the Apple watch cannot be used on Android.

The watch is expected to be running Wear OS with an OPPO skin on top of that. We do know that it will land Downunder in the coming weeks or months with OPPO Australia MD, Michael Tran, telling Ausdroid:

[OPPO Watch] will come to Australia but much like our smartphones there may be subtle differences in the software and specs to best suit the local market

Pricing is unknown at this stage but expect it’s price to be fairly aggressive to get OPPO into the smartwatch market. Keep an eye out for a local announcement in the next couple of weeks as we hope for an Android Wear watch that can not only move Android Wear forwards but bring it to the masses.

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Anthony Sullivan

Have OPPO had TGA approval for the ECG on the OPPO Watch?


Earlier this year OPPO announced the OPPO Watch earlier this year…

Earlier this year, earlier this year hey…

Ross Papakos

When do you think the oppo watch will come to Australia and the release date

Tom Sekulic

They should bring the OnePlus phones first!