If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet and you’re a Woolworth Rewards member, then you should have received an email offering you two weeks access to Disney Plus. The offer is valid until 19 July 2020.

Of course what free offer would be complete without a few Ts and Cs, firstly to get the 2 weeks you need to be new to Disney plus, sorry existing subscribers. Second you need to signup for an account, including activating monthly or annual billing.

For our money The Mandalorian alone is worth subscribing for, on top of that getting a massive back catalogue of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic content is pretty good as well.

There’s a few more Terms and Conditions bu nothing that’s a show stopper. So if you don’t have a current subscription, and you don’t mind signing up then why not sign up for a free subscription?

Of course if you don’t want to keep it just remember to cancel before you 14 days runs out.

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    Julie Hunt

    where do you go to cancel Disney 30 day free trial