Battle royale games have taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years — especially the mobile world. The big names have made a LOT of money for their creators on mobile and as such all are looking to cash in: Tencent’s PUBG Mobile made more than US$226 million in May of this year. Next battle royale game to join the mobile world will be Apex Legends according to EA’s CEO.

With its popularity diminishing EA are looking for new ways to squeeze some cash out of their latest cow with the CEO mentioning a “soft launch” on mobile “by the end of the year”. What this means is that it will be not available worldwide at launch but only in selected markets which seems to be a sound strategy given the amount of resources that are required to run this sort of game world wide.

The premise of Apex Legends is not greatly different to other such games in that you jump out of an aircraft, land, search for weapons and “loot” and find and kill other players with the aim to be the last person standing.

It is unclear just which countries or regions will be in the first rollout nor whether it will roll out to all devices at once. It would not surprise us if they launched it alongside a particular device (maybe a Galaxy Note 20) with exclusive access to that device (and other Samsung devices) for a limited time.

Whatever the case we can only hope that Australia is included in the initial release and that all our devices will be supported before too long.

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