In the early stages, 5G was offered essentially on a trial basis to Telstra customers. As of July 1st, that free trial finishes, and Telstra has made the decision to include 5G services on some plans, but there’s a small price to pay.

A post on Telstra Exchange this morning outlines the changes existing customers can expect to see:

Here’s the bottom line: From July 1, in line with the extra data we’ve added, prices will rise by $5 per month on new Small, Medium and Large mobile plans.

Our Small plan gains 10GB of extra data for a total of 40GB per month, while Medium and Large plans both add 20GB for a total of 80GB and 120GB a month respectively.

Our Extra Large plan will rise by $15, and include 30GB of extra data for a total of 180GB. We’re including 5G access on Medium and above plans as part of this shift.

This means the plan offerings from Telstra are now:

  • Small $55 per month – 40GB included data, 4G only
  • Medium $65 per month – 80GB included data, 5G access included
  • Large $85 per month – 120GB included data, 5g access included
  • Extra Large $115 per month – 180GB included data, 5g access included

All plans have speed shaping to 1.5Mbit if you exceed your data allowance in Australia, meaning no excess data charges. They are also free from lock-in contracts, giving you the freedom to move up and down plans as you need to. Or if you find a better deal – to another carrier.

For those who are considering moving from another carrier for the 5G speed, there are now over 1500 sites live on the Telstra 5G network. There are more — obviously — coming, as well as the implementation of mmWave coming next year, there are plenty of reasons to shift.

Clearly 5G is the future of our connectivity for mobile devices. The question is, are you prepared to pay for access to the service?

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OPTUS Hit the Ground Running with 5G Mobile in 2017 and 5G Home in Early 2019. Telstra is only just now beginning to take 5G somewhat seriously. OPTUS has secured themselves as the best 5G carrier early. OPTUS is also expanding their 4G Network fast. OPTUS is taking 5G extremely seriously. They are 2nd best in 4G, OPTUS are determined to dethrone Telstra, 5G is their opportunity.

Daniel Narbett

I’ve been trialing their medium plan for 6ish weeks at $60/mth, with included trial 5G until, well, yesterday. But I’ve still got 5G today! 😉 Not sure if that’s telstra being disorganised as always, or if they’ve added 5G to existing medium plans. My data is still 60gig not 80 yet but we’ll see what happens next billing cycle. Btw – 5G is actually a bigger step from 4G than I was expecting i.e. I’m getting maybe 250mb/s down rather than 100mb/s at same spot, device & time

Al Crystal

What arsewipes.


I know Telstra think highly of their supposedly premium network, however, Optus offers 60GB for $49. So Telstra is still uncompetitive in the market.


That is $65 on their new plan. Is that an old plan on their website or pre-paid?

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