Spotify is the king of streaming music, with a truly staggering userbase of both free and paying users. For many of those paying users, there are several people in the same house accessing the service — which was the driver for family accounts. Spotify has taken this a step further with the additional option of Spotify Duo: Two premium accounts for $15.99 per month, versus $11.99 per month per individual premium account. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to save a bit of money?

Spotify Duo

It’s a juggling act but really smart move from Spotify to potentially capture some extra market. A shared premium account under a single roof has significant disadvantages if you’re both trying to stream at the same time. Until now, the option has been to pay out for a family account at $17.99 a month, that provides four accounts premium access. Now with the Duo option, couples can save money and enjoy music together or apart.

Thanks Paul for the tip