OnePlus has really started ramping up the hype for their upcoming mid-range smartphone, the OnePlus Nord. Today they have released a teaser video for the new device.

As you can seen in the video below they focus on where the world and OnePlus have come from in the past and where the world is now and heading to in the future.

Towards the end of the video we get a look at someone removing what we assume to be the OnePlus Nord from their pocket and live streaming a video from it. Although there is no actual close-up that reveals anything about the device you can possibly make out the camera module on the left hand side of the rear of the device and a dual selfie camera punch hole display.

The dual front selfie camera and the rear camera module remind me of the mid-range realme X3 SuperZoom that we reviewed earlier this week. More details will apparently be revealed in another video arriving tomorrow ahead of an expected July 10 announcement.

Although the phone will be a cheap(ish) device it will not be coming here any time soon and importing adds quite a cost to a device so we expect the OnePlus Nord to be not worth the effort to bring it here for the average Aussie — not when there are other decent mid-range devices available here that come with local warranty and support.

Anyone here actually interested in importing one of these? What is the price you would pay all up to get it here?

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For the Nord to warrant use, I’d require OnePlus to pay Australian users _twice_ the pricetag they’re slapping on this device in India, due to their refusal to bring their devices here.
If OnePlus don’t want to pay Australian users compensation for being stiffed for so long by OnePlus, then it’s clear they do not deserve any market share here nor free advertising from the likes of Ausdroid via articles like this one.


If I can import one for a similar price to the 4A then yes I’d be keen. Any recommendations where to buy from?


Very much like the X3 Superzoom, the display with dual front camera’s looks to be the same.