Samsung is rumoured to be hosting a launch event early next month and with the current volume of leaks of devices expected at the event the rumours seems to hold some weight. Adding even more weight to that rumour is the appearance and subsequent passing of the new Galaxy Watch 3 at the NCC overnight.

Twitter tech enthusiast @the_tech_guy managed to find the Galaxy Watch 3 on the NCC website showing off some pictures of it along with a few specs.

The images captured on the FCC website show off the Galaxy Watch 3 with silver sides to the watch and a black leather band (brown underneath). Rumours have suggested that the Watch 3 will be available in black, silver and bronze variants. Although the various sizes of the watch are not mentioned in the listing it is also rumoured to be arriving in a 45mm and a 41mm size with a 1.4-inch display and a 340mAh battery in the larger variant and a 1.2-inch in the smaller one.

The wireless charger for the watch can also be seen showing it supports a slow 5W charging — but still is one of the few watches available that support wireless charging at all so beggars can’t be choosers. The rotating bezels is also set to make another appearance along with an IP68 certifications and Gorilla Glass DX protection.

Evan Blass has also weighed in with a promo video of the watch which although gives little away it shows that Samsung are seemingly ready to go with the smartwatch.

Hopefully the launch does occur in early August as expected alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series. It seems like just yesterday that Samsung released the S20 series but a new smartwatch from them has been a long time coming so it will be interesting to see how they have improved it on the last generation and what new tricks it can do.

Is this a good alternative to Wear OS smartwatches? What do you think? Do you prefer the Samsung smart watches of a Wear OS smartwatch?