It’s becoming a feature race among the video call contenders with one of the features being contested is the number of participants. Zoom shot to prominence with the COVID-19 lockdown, Skype has seen something of a resurgence and Google Meet was born. Google Duo though is a quiet achiever and possibly the best video calling app you’re not using. With the increased number of people on a group call now to 32 — spotted by an Android Police reader — that may change.

Checking the app versions, it seems that there isn’t an update required which points to a server-side change. Interestingly the group capacity for my Australian Google account was 12, my US-based account 32 so whether this is region locked or just a staged rollout is yet to be seen.

Regular Duo users will know that once in a group you can send through the usual array of communication outside of just speaking to the others. It’s a fun way to communicate with your family and friends and in my experience, one of the more consistent video calling providers.

What do you look for when choosing a video calling app?