HMD Global, the powerhouse brand behind Nokia smartphones, has announced that it has opened a new Centre of Excellence in Finland for research and development opportunities. The idea is that it will assist it to dial up it focus on mobile security, ensuring safe and secure devices for everyone.

To help facilitate the new centre of excellence, HMD Global have also acquired Valona Labs. Valona Labs is a mobile enterprise and cyber security software company and will help bolster the team capabilities and developments with cyber security.

HMD have said this announcement is the beginning of an increased focus for company in the enterprise & software space. As it’s beginning its transition from a purely hardware business to one of combined hardware and services, diversifying its intellectual property and differentiating its unique offering in Finland and beyond is important.

It remains to be seen how the new focus on cyber security and the mobile enterprise business will translate to its current Android and kiaOS powered mobile hardware devices going forward. At a time when cyber security has become the new forefront for many companies going forward it is great to see HMD Global making this important step.