It seems in the wake of the leak of the next Nest Smart Speaker by a Japanese regulatory agency this morning Google has decided to just overtly leak their own device. Apparently US PR agents for Nest are sharing images and the video below.

Picking it all apart we clearly see the same speaker from today’s leak, showing a medium sized oval standing fabric wrapped deign. In the video you see them set up in a left/ right configuration likely indicating Stereo pairing, which we were expecting.

The new Nest speaker, likely to be named the Nest Home, looks very attractive and certainly fits into the overall Home aesthetic that Google has been building. It appears slight taller and wider than the original Home and features a front and back, suggesting we will get directional speakers this time around.

We would traditionally expect a new device like this to launch at the annual Made by Google Event held each year in October. While that’s a little way off we think it’s fair to say that all bets are off this year regarding any kind of normal timing and cadence.

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Are you saying there wasn’t directions speakers in the original Home? I thought that was the whole point of the circular mesh base section :/


Ah, I understand what you’re saying in the article now, I misinterpreted :). Cheers! I personally prefer the idea of 360 audio because of where I kept my Homes, but this one looks neat too