It’s been a while since Google introduced their Google Home speaker. Since then we have seen the Home Max and a couple of minis released but no update to the original Home. This year rumours have been circling about a successor finally being readied for release and overnight we have gotten a look at it as it passed through the Japanese Wireless Standards website.

The new speaker, like all other Google smart home products, will launch under the Nest brand. As you can see in the images below is is a strange shape with its cylindrical form flattened to more of an oval cylinder. The speaker is covered with the usual fabric that we have seen on Nest products — and in the same chalk colour that we have seen Nest Minis. That of course does not mean that Google won’t launch it in different colours as well though.

The speaker has the usual mute button and the “G” logo on the rear and, in what should not be a surprise now, Google seems to have gone with the same connector that they have for the Nest mini. No longer is USB-C the standard power connector which is unfortunate.

The adapter is also a wider than normal plug which is extremely annoying and those who have recent Nest products will know how difficult it is to fit this alongside another adapter in a dual power socket in Australia — Google/Nest, please change this for Australia.

The speaker itself sits 220mm high and will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. We expect that with the speaker this tall Google and Nest should be able to produce a much better sound profile than for the Nest Mini (which isn’t that bad).

We expect this new Nest speaker to be launched alongside the Pixel 5 at the Made By Google event, whenever that is — likely a bit later in the year than usual. Yet another thing to look forward to when it comes to Google’s hardware releases. Hopefully we start to see some of them soon.

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Plugpack too big for AU double or more powerpoints or powerboards, _AND_ a barrel connector on the device for power. Immediate deliberate fail by Google.
It doesn’t matter how good the sound is, nor how reliable the Google Assistant is on this speaker, it deserves to be marked down to a mere one half star out of 5 in any review, because of Google trying to forcibly break the EU device power connector standard, by their refusal to use USB C on Nest devices.