Take a deep breath and prepare: something special is coming this Monday. That’s the tease that Google’s Smart Home hardware team just tweeted out.

Call it a tease of a troll, either way we hope Google is announcing something good.

The most obvious thing it could be is the new Nest Speaker that leaked out and then was confirmed by Google over the past few days. Traditionally, though, hardware like this would be announced at the Made by Google event in October, so are they going early or is there something else in the pipeline? With everything disrupted this year by COVID-19, most plans seem to have gone out the window.

The tease and the video don’t give a lot away. Comedian Fred Armisen is posing in a meditation like position with arms outstretched silently chanting something. This could be anything from a health and wellness feature for Nest products all the way up to a new piece of hardware or anything in between.

At least it’s not a long wait until Monday in the USA, hopefully whatever it is, it’s worth the short wait.

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Some guy

It’s an air purifier

Ben Harris

Maybe it’s that they’ll release more of the Nest range in Australia (ie nest doorbell & nest thermostat)


Maybe they will announce the Pixel 4a or Android TV dongle.