Over the last couple of years, we’ve entered into a lot of discussion about the state of WearOS. Recently, noting that we’re due for a cracking device but whether we get it in 2020 is the question. One of the quiet performers of times gone by is the Misfit Vapor and JB Hi-Fi are throwing them away for $99 at the moment.

The normal RRP for the Misfit Vapor range of devices is $349.00 but, as noted, currently being sold at $99. This includes both sizes (41 and 46mm faces) and the full range of colours including black, rose gold/navy, Gold/metal and silver/navy. That’s a huge saving on a pretty reasonable device and certainly offers good value for money, particularly if you’re thinking about your first WearOS device.

Is this something you would consider for just $99?

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Daniel Narbett

Picked one up in Melbs today 🙂 Have been meaning to get a cheap one for a while just to see whether I actually have a use case for a smart watch

Damien Muller

I bought one, hugely disappointed with it. $99 is probably what it should have been priced at to begin with.


At that price, I’m definitely considering this.

I haven’t seen fantastic reviews online. Most don’t seem that thorough though. At $280 off, surely any small issues are trumped by price. It comes down to value for money.

Only thing holding me back is my Huawei Watch. After some years, it’s still going pretty strong. It’s a little long in the tooth, yes. But I don’t know that it needs to be replaced yet.


bad reviews, stay away and save $99.
this has been posted in OZbargain and comment are not that great


Great price for such a high-spec watch! I wonder what’s the catch? No further support?


poor battery and slow device


It’s rubbish. That’s why they’re throwing it out.