Rumours have been circling for a while now that the new iteration of the Galaxy Fold will arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 20 at the Unpacked event on August 5. New leaks now point to the Galaxy Fold 2 skipping the Unpacked event because it is just not ready yet.

XDA Developer leaker and write Max Weinbach has taken to Twitter to discuss what he had heard regarding the launch of the Fold 2. He states that he has heard that the “Fold 2 isn’t happening at Unpacked”.

To clarify, that does not mean that the Fold 2 will not be mentioned but more that it will not be launched there.

As you can see above in the Twitter thread, it will not be launched due to the software not being ready yet — “not even close”. At this stage Samsung do not have a definitive price for the device just yet, launch partners nor do they have final software. After releasing the Fold generation 1 in what you would call beta form last year they would be extremely hesitant to do it again.

For this reason Max thinks it will not launch until September with availability arriving in October. With us just six weeks from September now we find that possibly even too early if it is “not even close” at this stage.

Whatever the case it is definitely not arriving in August according to Max, leaving the Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 20 series, a Galaxy Z Flip 5G and some new Galaxy Buds. I’m still excited to see what Samsung bring to the table at Unpacked but even more excited to see what the second generation Galaxy Fold has in store for us.