You have to love when manufacturers accidentally reveal images of unreleased products on their own websites. Last night Google did it on their Canadian store, showing off a render of the Pixel 4a.

One the greeting page Google’s webmasters somehow mixed up the source image for a Nest WiFi and instead showed off a Pixel 4a. Although the render was not up for long it took even less time for the internet to screen capture the hell out of that page.

What should have been this:

came out as this:

The render of the Pixel 4a leaves little to the imagination — and also confirms other renders and images of it that we have seen floating around the interwebs. There is a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device, as expected, the rear camera is a single lens system, as expected, and their is a punch hole cut out in the display for the selfie camera, as expected.

We could start all the rumours right here but the fact that the renders for the Pixel 4a were accidentally inserted into the website lends me to think that the Pixel 4a release is imminent. To have the render so close to being on-hand to be accidentally inserted as the image source link means that it is floating around in the background there, just waiting to be unleashed into the wild.

Of course it is all speculation and nothing is actually known just yet but surely its release it imminent — although we have been saying that for a while. Let’s hope that this time it is true because it is also getting very close to the Pixel 5 release date. You would think Google would want their new mid-range device to have some breathing space before they release their next flagship.

Until then we continue to, not-so-patiently, sit and wait.

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thx, so i decided to buy s10e over this. Since s10e offers dual camera, better placement of FPS, more compact, SD slot.


‘accidentally’ …sure.


I wonder how a single camera will perform compared to multiple cameras other manufacturers are offering. I am interested in finally getting a Pixel but the question over single vs. multiple cameras put me off.