A couple of days ago we all got a bit excited after the Google Nest Twitter account teased that something big was coming on Monday. Most people expected to see the new Nest Home to replace the very first Home speaker but unfortunately we got none of that.

Instead Nest today announced a month full of sales. They are calling the month-long sale The Daily Special but for Australians there is nothing special about it with all sales US only. Apparently the sales offered aren’t even that impressive either according to Android Police.

So while all Nest users and fans let out a huge disappointed breath, and especially those not in the US, we still don’t have any answers. Why did Nest hype up the sale so much? Is it possible that Nest will surprise us all with their new Home in the middle here somewhere? Or at the end?

Whatever the case Australians have once again been slighted by Nest. Hopefully when they do release their next hardware they will launch it here as well at the same time as the US and other countries. It is difficult not to feel disappointed with Nest. To hype up something like this only to deliver a sale is just plain mean.

Oh well, such is life in 2020. Looks like we will have to wait until a Made by Google event to see the next Nest Home product. I’m still looking forward to it no matter how disappointed I feel right now.

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Ben Harris

I’ve always considered the Mini products to be a cheap trash product they give away so don’t really care about them. I’m in complete agreeance that calling this anything to be excited about is the very definition of setting unrealistic expectations.

That we don’t have access to the full Nest product range here is an annoyance and is a very good reason to not go with Google for any home automation integration.


Was hoping it’d be the release of Sabrina Android TV dongle personally.

Quentin Wright

Google continue to be very US centric. Still can’t use Chat in Google messages on Optus, and there are a multitude of things they just haven’t bothered to implement for Google Home in Australia. I now primarily use the Amazon echo ecosystem as a result, their customisable routines are particular good.


Thats on Optus not enabling RCS on the network. Not google.


For a marketing company, Google’s marketing really does suck


Advertising, not marketing.

Tim Chef

Sounds like Google can’t even properly advertise that they aren’t a marketing company. This is why Apple is so, so superior to anything and everything Google