OPPO have led the charge in recent times to fill our smartphone batteries as fast as possible while also doing it safely. Now they are set to push the envelope even more according to their Twitter account and are bringing along their stablemate realme according to a leak yesterday.

The 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging in the Find X2 Pro is one of the many great things about the device. To be able to charge your phone from empty to full in around 35 minutes is handy. Well, 65W has not lasted long with OPPO set to unveil an even faster charging technology tomorrow according to a Tweet from their official Twitter channel today:

With this new charging technology OPPO hope to be able to charge your smartphone from zero to 100 percent in under 15 minutes! We have seen other companies announce fast charging of 100W (Xiaomi) and 120W (vivo) but it has yet to materialise in any actual commercial products.

At this stage we do not expect to see OPPO’s new technology in any commercial products but by the end of the year it will most likely make an appearance. realme, OPPO’s BBK Electronics stablemate, are also set to announce their new “UltraDart” charging technology later this month.

realme’s technology was leaked yesterday by tipster Ishan Agarwal with figures pointing to a 120W-ish charging speed. It can apparently charge a 4,000mAh battery from zero to 20% in just three minutes! These speeds are *correlated* by realme’s former VP for China, Xu QI, who recently noted that “100W charging is a bit slow”. Shots fired.

These Chinese companies are pushing the envelope of charging technology and seem to be doing so safely. To be able to plug your phone in for just a few minutes and get enough to get you through over half a day is exciting. It makes you wonder why so many other companies are stuck with 18W and 25W charging technologies. Who needs wireless charging when you can charge this quickly?

The battery life using these speeds is unknown at this stage but you would hope that the companies have tested them out extensively before putting it into practice. Whatever the case remember here in Australia smartphones come with a two year warranty. If you battery degrades significantly in that time you can always warranty it.