Last year Google launched a subscription service for the Play Store offering apps and games for a monthly fee. At the time though it was launched into the US only but now it is about to expand to more countries, including Australia and our friends across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand.

Google say that the subscription service will give you access to hundreds of apps and games that are completely unlocked (free of ads, upfront payments or IAPs). The hundreds of apps available are curated to your preferences and history and can include games such as Sonic the Hedgehog along with brand new games like Levelhead and also productivity apps like Photo Studio Pro.

There are many well known titles available including titles like Terraria, Monument Valley, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic along with of course many apps you may not have heard of. Google Play Pass is a great way to find and test out new titles you may not have otherwise have done.

All of the titles available with Play Pass will be located under a new Play Pass tab in the Play Store app later this week. Play Pass is rolling out to Android devices in Australia this week. You can get started with a one-month trial, and subscribe for just AU$7.99/month or save with a yearly subscription for just AU$49.99/year.

The good news is that you will only need one subscription per family with family managers able to share their Play Pass subscription with up to five other family members in their Google Family. Each member of the family can then access Play Pass individually so your personalised curation won’t be affected by their choices.

Once it is available this week you will be able to start your free month’s trial by tapping the top left menu in the Play Store app and selecting Play Pass and signing up — this will also add that Play Pass tab to the bottom of the app.

Finally Play Pass is coming here. I for one look forward to checking it out and most likely signing up on a yearly basis. Now all we need is Stadia, over to you Google.

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It’s live now for my consumer Gmail account. Nothing in G Suite but I didn’t expect it to be there.

Alan Cramer

No doubt it won’t be available for GSuite users.


Not on my G Suite account. Available on my regular