As a tech enthusiast you have to love Marques Brownlee, or MKBHD as he is more widely known. For a guy who started out making basic tech videos in his college dorm room he has come a long way with his videos well edited, informative and entertaining. Overnight he has published a new video featuring OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei discussing “How Much Do Smartphones Actually Cost?” while at the same time revealing the OnePlus Nord.

While the OnePlus Nord is no secret at this stage with fans already able to pre-order it before it has even been announced. The launch is scheduled to be an AR launch next week and as part of the promotion for the upcoming Nord Carl Pei sat down with MKBHD to discuss the process and costs involved in producing a phone such as the Nord.

The video starts out talking about the Nord itself and then details costs of items within the phone such as the NFC chip (4:03), an IP rating (5:23), the cost of the battery (9:32), display cost (10:24) and the headphone jack (11:52).

The Nord itself is introduced towards the end of the video at 13:29 where Carl takes Marques through some of the prototypes for the Nord including the final design result. Interestingly the project was delayed by a month as they changed the design late in the development but did so due to data they had received from users with an aim to sell a lot more phones, rather than leave the Nord as purely an experiment.

The video does not reveal that much about the design but it does confirm the dual front-facing camera (one lens expected to be ultra-wide), a triple rear camera setup in the top left corner of the phone along with the usual button placement including the alert slider.

The chat is a very interesting insight into the manufacturing and design of a smartphone so we encourage you to check it out. With the OnePlus Nord launching on July 21 it isn’t long before we see the result of OnePlus’ new shot at the mid-range.

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I found this to be one of the most interesting videos he’s ever produced. It was really interesting what Carl Pei had to say about optimising the experience using the 765G chipset as opposed to using 865 and that most users won’t be able to feel the difference. With Google rumoured to be using the 765G in upcoming devices it’ll be interesting to see what they can do with it too.

Anthony Sullivan

I like the look of the Nord-wishing OnePlus would start selling its phones locally just like sister brands OPPO, realme and Vivo.


Hear! Hear! Would love to see OnePlus in stores locally too.


Think I’ll be importing. I’m after long term software updates, so for me it’s Pixel, Nokia or OnePlus.