We have seen a lot of rumours surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 but we are yet to see any official-looking photos or renders of it. Today a blurry one has appeared showing the new foldable in a different colour — bronze.

Leaker Ice Universe took to Twitter today to reveal a very blurry render of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in a bronze colour. Although the image is blurry and does not reveal a hell of a lot it does show part of the camera module:

As you can see in the images above and below (all the same image, of different blurriness in an attempt to clear up a terrible image) the new foldable device will sport a rear camera module that is very similar to what we are expecting to see on the Galaxy Note 20 (but could of course be of totally different configuration). The foldable is rumoured to house a triple lens rear camera system but only two are visible in this render.

The main display of the device looks to leave a very minimal bezel around the sides although that is difficult to make out exactly given the black wallpaper on display. The front/external (outward-facing) display though looks to be very close to the edge of the device lending weight to long ago rumours that this display would be much larger than in the first generation.

All in all the second generation foldable looks to be extremely similar to the first in design language with improvements where you would expect them — display size and camera specs. It is unclear at this stage whether Samsung will include the same hinge as on the eventual original Galaxy Fold but we doubt they would NOT have improved on that in some way.

Although it was eventually improved before full release you would expect the hinge to see continual development over the years given its importance in a whole new segment of the market.

All will be revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event on August 6 AEST and we look forward to bringing all the details of Samsung’s new foldable to you.

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According to the grapevine if you believe it 🙂 , the foldable mark 2 as in all regions will be getting the snapdragon 865 , i cant remember if it was the plus chip or not , but that if it is true , it adds a bit of gravy on top i think , time will tell though .
It looks tempting , but i`m a bit of a note boy if it turns out good , (assuming the cripple hammer does not visit it in some way 🙂 ) .