Microsoft announced that they were working on a foldable Android device late last year but did not expect to launch it to the public until late this year. It now appears that device, the Microsoft Surface Duo, will be ready ahead of time as it makes an appearance at the FCC.

Devices usually do not appear at the FCC until they are about to launch so it seems a very small leap to go from the appearance of the Surface Duo at the FCC to thinking a launch is about to occur. We have seen rumours of the Surface Duo being ready ahead of time but this is the first real “evidence” of that.

DroidLife have stumbled across the FCC documentation for a Microsoft “phablet device” with the model number 1930 which not only listed its support for LTE, Bluetooth, NFC and 802.11ac WiFi but also that it was a foldable device.

Further sleuthing found that “both screens” were under test and were used in four different configurations with some of them in a folded position. It was tested at a folded, closed, opened at 90 degrees and 180 degrees and flat positions lending it to the hypothesis that it is indeed the Surface Duo.

The specs for the Surface Duo are decidedly early 2019 specs so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the modern foldables, one of which Samsung is expected to announced in a couple of weeks. We do know that Microsoft will have a heap of software optimisations and integration with Windows 10 which could make it incredibly useful for the enterprise market.

We can’t wait to check out the Microsoft Surface Duo and although we expect the price to be fairly exorbitant it could make foldable tablets much more acceptable and mainstream. Hopefully it lands here in Australia ASAP, no one likes to wait and watch others have all the fun.

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Tango India Mike

I want one of these.

I’ve tried the Galaxy Fold and the LG v50 and I found having 2 separate screens like in the v50 was actually a more usable format than the single large screen of the fold (yes I known you can do side by side on the Fold but it just didn’t feel as usable as the LG)

The only concern on the FCC report for me is the LTE Bands as it looks like it’s missing some key bands for Australian carriers.

Hopefully there is a Global version as well?