Earlier this year OPPO announced their first ever smartwatch and although it has only just been released outside of China in the last week or so we are yet to see it appear here. We have been told it is coming here but now we are not so sure — because there is an updated version on the horizon.

Just a few weeks ago we saw the OPPO Watch pass through the FCC but now according to a teaser found by Engadget there is a new version set to be released just next week. The original version runs a forked version of Android and can thus have an OPPO skinned theme on top of it — although we have also suspected they had Wear OS themed rather than forked Android.

According to Engadget the new OPPO Watch will debut on July 31 and will be running Google’s Wear OS. Little else is known about the watch and as you can see in the teaser above OPPO are not letting on just how it is different to the original version. There is a mention of Wear OS, which the original OPPO Watch marketing material did not have, and we can see the basic shape of it but that is it.

The most optimistic of us are hoping (and expecting) the new Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chipset onboard although that may be a little too optimistic. What else could they be bringing that would be different to the first version of the watch — aside from Wear OS?

We will of course be asking OPPO which version we are getting here in Australia, with Michael Tran, OPPO Australia MD, previously telling Ausdroid that the OPPO Watch would be arriving Downunder. Of course we hope for the second version and we hope it is running the new Snapdragon chipset, which we hope is also the saviour to the beleaguered OS that is Wear OS.

Are we hoping for just a bit too much?

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I hope the watch doesn’t come loaded with adverts that pop up at most innappropriate time like my oppo 2 phone does. Phone may have been inexpensive, but very disappointed be with the adverts.


Are we hoping for just a bit too much?”

Probably, but we have to have dreams.