Ever since Google Wallet, users in the USA have had the ability to send each other cash using Google payments. The functionality eventual migrated into Google Pay, but those of us Down Under, and in fact most of the world, have never had the option.

It seems that all might be changing, thanks to a reader tip (thanks Eli) the whole Ausdroid team checked their devices and we can confirm that the UI for Google Pay had been updated to include “Send”. Check out the new UI and our attempt to send Duncan his monthly wages (we’re a pay for performance organisation).

As you can see, to get the most out of the feature you will need to grant Google Pay access to your contacts in order to send money to .. well .. your contacts. Despite the UI being visible, we weren’t able to actually send any money.

We’re not sure if this is a mistake that somehow rolled out or if it’s just an early release of new functionality that’s finally coming to Australia.

We will be keeping an eye on both the Play Store to see if it rolls out wider and if we can eventually send payment.

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Before they extend Google Pay functionality they should work on getting the basic credit card facility working properly. I have it installed on a recent high end Android mobile and it REPEATEDLY disables the credit card after which I have to redo the enabling procedure with my bank. Google blames the bank, the bank blames Google and the problem goes on ad nauseam. Get your act together!


I’ve got the same thing ever since I signed up for Google Fi (used my auspost shopmate address, my Google payment address is still in Australia if you’re wondering), so it might just be a bug.


They could also open up the full Google pay experience to all of the countries. It is so stupid that if i spoof my location using proxy connection, to look like I am in uk. Then Google pay on my WearOS watch will work just fine with my card. However soon as the watch detects that I’m not in uk or any other supported country, that feature stops working. Seriously how hard would it be to make it work in all of the countries where Google pay is supported? For example all of the text that pay on watch displays,… Read more »


It is nice to see some efforts being made for apps that just make living life daily easier and better .
It still seems like we have a way to go in some ways though .


There’s almost no need for this function in Australia with Osko pretty much fully rolled out to all banks.


I had this function a year ago when I had a USA payment profile associated with my Google Pay account. Check https://pay.google.com/gp/w/u/0/home/settings and see if you have multiple payment profiles. The send button never worked and went away when I closed the USA payment profile.


they should integrate payid with gpay


Same error as on web:
So perhaps people can check on web if it’s not available in app. When the unsupported country error goes away, it should be working… 🤞


I don’t see the Send option on my Pixel 4 XL in Sydney with Google Pay 2.112


I don’t see it either. Same version.

Related to Google Pay: I haven’t had a successful tap in the last 3 attempts (2 stores). Could be Android 11 Beta 2.5 breaking again but will try later this weekend. Error is “no contactless” then asks me to swipe/insert with plastic card.