Last year Google stopped officially naming their Android versions after delicious desserts but that hasn’t stopped them from internally calling their versions desserts. It appears that Google has been calling Android 11 Red Velvet Cake inside Mountain View according to Android’s VP of engineering, Dave Burke.

Over on Ausdroid’s favourite Android-related podcast/vidcast, All About Android, Dave Burke revealed that their internal name for Android 11 is RVC or Red Velvet Cake. Although officially they have moved to using numbers for their public releases of Android.

Obviously there was a lot more to the interview and it is certainly one you will want to listen to as Dave goes into detail with not only Android 11 but how the Google engineers have handled their work, debugging etc form home. Of course our own Duncan Jaffrey is a semi-regular on the program where he is a superstar and for this reason it is definitely one to subscribe to.

While Red Velvet Cake will still not appear in any public documentation Dave hints that he will “figure something out” to get a mention of RVC into the source code somehow. Dave overall seems extremely excited about Android 11 and the chat is also extremely interesting so is worth a look at.

Head into your favourite podcast app (Pocket Casts here at Ausdroid) or YouTube can subscribe to All About Android and check out the above podcast.