The Alana and Madeline Foundation is dedicated to assisting Australian children who are exposed to serious violence, something no young child should ever have to endure. Unfortunately, in our increasing digital and divided world the online world is becoming a larger potential source of harm for our children.

In partnership with the AMF has developed a Media Literacy Lab designed to assist Australian schools and teachers in instructing our kids on online literacy. With the internet being an almost limitless source of facts, lies and everything in between the skills to determine the validity of what we see online may be the most important skill we teach our kids.

The Media Literacy Lab is open for registration for Australian Educators and Schools and will provide an online portal to “engage secondary students in essential media literacy education through an innovative, gamified resource that reflects youth experiences.” In short it’s a multimedia online learning tool aimed at making our kids more online savvy.

Like everything else this isn’t a magic bullet, but combined with other education, family discussions and involved partnering perhaps we can make our next generation of Australians a little less prone to believe the drivel that many online denizens seem content on spewing out into the world.