Yesterday we saw the upcoming foldable device from Microsoft, the Duo, pass through the FCC pointing at an early launch. Today we see another as the Duo makes an appearance on the Bluetooth SIG website.

The second appearance at a regulatory body website by the Microsoft Duo today shows that its release could well be imminent. This time the regulatory body body is the Bluetooth SIG where devices get their Bluetooth certification before release.

Unfortunately not much can be seen in the listing aside from the device supporting Bluetooth 5.0 — no surprise there. The device is expected to house two separate screens that will work seamlessly with each other with specific APIs for it helping it to become a productivity behemoth.

Surface Duo is a new dual-screen device that fits in your pocket. With two screens connected by a revolutionary 360° hinge, Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft and Android to reimagine productivity on the go.

We know there is definitely interest in this device but the question will be — how much are you willing to pay for such a device — especially considering it is a first generation product running a generation (or two) old hardware.

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The CPU being a year behind does not matter. They are so powerful these days that the latest isn’t as important.
It needs NFC, without this it is a no show. I rely on Google Pay way too much these days to do without it.
The issue is Gen 1 with a new hinge, that is where you could have issues.


Lack of NFC would be the deal breaker for me as well. As long as it has NFC, I wouldn’t be too fussed with the rest of the specs.