WhatsApp may be used by a lot of people, over two billion at last count, but that does nowhere near make it the best messaging app around. WhatsApp lacks a lot of the functionality of so many other apps but has for a long time coasted by on its popularity rather than its feature set.

That looks set to change slightly in the future with the ability to have multiple devices hooked up to your WhatsApp account at a time arriving in the beta app. A new feature called “Linked Devices” has appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp, version to be precise, with the current WhatsApp Web replaced with “Linked Devices”.

Older references to this feature suggest that you will be able to use up to four devices per WhatsApp account with the new “Linked Devices” allowing users to manage these devices from any signed-in device. There will also apparently be a “Link a New Device” option — which is a strange way to do it rather than just logging onto the device to be linked.

Although we are on the latest beta here at Ausdroid we do not see that option in our app with the new feature still heavily in development and “unavailable right now”. Hopefully WhatsApp manage to bring this feature in the not too distant future as it is a pain having to log in and out of WhatsApp all the time and not having it automatically transfer your history across.

If you want to track this and try it out when the functionality does arrive head on over and sign up for the beta version.

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Alan Cramer

As sujayv_au points out is now out and this option is not available on my device….. Maybe A/B testing?


Version: Beta is now out, according to APK Mirror.