Speculation is rife that Microsoft are set to launch their foldable Android smartphone imminently. We have seen many things pointing to that including it passing through the FCC, Bluetooth SIG and rumours that it is ready to go. Now it has made an appearance in a teaser for The Shiproom, a YouTube show hosted by Brad Anderson, CVP of Microsoft 365.

You may expect that someone who is a corporate vice president of anything at Microsoft would have access to a Duo — and it seems he put it on video. In a teaser for an upcoming The Shiproom episode Brad Anderson uses the device, his “Duo”, he is holding to change the background of his green screen and then talks about the ability to continue to do so with an app.

What is the app? Who cares? It’s more about the device he is using the run the app. In his hands is what appears to be an extremely thin foldable white device — just what we have seen the Duo look like in their promo materials. Even with two layers the device still looks like it will be thin enough to not take up too much room in your pocket.

Of course in the entire video Brad is holding the device in such a specific way that we cannot ever see the full Microsoft logo nor anything else but there is certainly a hint of the logo and what other device do we know of that looks like this? And he actually calls it his “Duo” at the start of the clip.

The Surface Duo is expected to arrive with two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays, each with a 1350 x 1800 pixel resolution. The displays are joined by what Microsoft is calling a “revolutionary hinge” that can rotate all the way around into a back to back setup.

Inside expect to see a Snapdragon 855 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM and various levels of storage up to 256GB. It will house just a single 11MP lens camera so don’t expect it to be able to use it for high end imagery. Of course it will be running Android 10 and hopefully updated to Android 11 not long after release.

As for Australian availability no one knows just yet will it will arrive here — if there is enough of them made we do know that Microsoft tend to release their products worldwide at the same time so it should land here. If it does it would not surprise us to be both available outright at the usual stores but also on a carrier with Telstra most likely given their focus on the enterprise market.

The next few months will definitely be interesting in the world of Android with the Surface Duo one of several high end devices expected to land. We look forward to checking them all out” Hopefully we see some cool innovations.