If you’re looking to turn your house into a connected smart home and have been thinking of getting an Amazon Alexa based smart display, then you might want to check out BIG W who have both the Echo Show 5 and 8-inch displays on sale.

Both the Amazon Echo Show 5 and 8-inch models are display-enabled to show you your local weather, entertainment at a glance, along with the ability to help manage your day, connect you with friends and family and much more. It’s pretty much similar to what we see with the Google home/nest hub displays, just this is run through Amazon.

You can read our reviews on the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 here.

The deal, which seems to mainly be limited to the BIG W website have the Echo Show 5.5 in black and white only, available for $99 – a saving of $30 and the Echo Show 8 only in black for $159 – saving $70 off.

As stated it seems both smart displays are only available online through the BIG W website and have a delivery fee starting from $7.90. You can check local store availability but checking a few stores around my area, only the Echo Show 5.5 was available at three stores near me.

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Or you could buy then direct from Amazon for $79 and $129 at today’s date.