With Motorola having the most anticipated, but least well received foldable in recent years we’re glad to see that they are back on the horse and if rumours and leaks are to be believed are preparing to release a 5G variant of their modern Motorola Razr folding phone. I for one was very excited about the Razr 2019, and despite its poor commercial success and scornful reviews, I remain hopeful for the product (or, at least, the product category).

Today’s leak gives us a glimpse of the 2020 Razr 5G (Odyssey) and there’s a few subtle changes in the new device. The overall form factor remains the same with the same hinge design and overall form. The front fingerprint sensor has vanished, it’s unclear if it’s gone under screen around the side, on the back or if they will use face unlock.

You may also notice the camera bump is noticeably larger which hopefully will translate into better overall camera performance in the new model. The last major change is a even slope on the leading edge of the device when folded, starting at the bottom and sloping up the device through the fold.

Specs wise the Razr 2020 is still thought to be a mid range with a 5G capable Snapdragon 765 SOC, 8GB of RAM, 256GB internal storage, 24 MP rear camera, 20 MP selfie camera and a worrying small 2,845mAh battery.

I want to see foldables evolve and succeed, and I very much want this phone to be great. Hopefully it won’t be long until we see if that is the case.

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Looks great but take up will depend on the price. The 2019 version was a too expensive. By using SD765, maybe Motorola is trying to reduce the price? Only time will tell, I guess. If the price is right, I wouldn’t mind one.

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