There’s plenty of competition in the streaming music market. That group headed by Spotify, with Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Tidal chasing close behind.

For many users, it’s about cost, so the offer of 90 days for free will be enticing.

Tidal has a catalogue of over 60 million tracks, with a number of playlists collated by music industry names and experts. IF you’re wanting audio quality higher than the standard streaming options, Tidal has 1141kbps streaming on their HiFi plans. Be wary though if you’re short on mobile data, that’s a lot more data you’ll be pushing around!

What features entice you to a streaming service and what makes you stay on board?

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Daniel Narbett

You can sign up to the 90 ‘premium-standard’ trial then convert to the ‘hifi’ plan – reduces the trial period to 45 days but still, I’m about to try their ‘master’ quality streaming

Daniel Narbett

Well, so far the Tidal ‘hifi’ high def streaming frankly just sounds like every other above-radio-quality streaming to a bluetooth headset. I’ll next try with a range of headphones of course (though I started with my historically best audio quality bluetooth ones) – and while music is in my ‘top one favourite things list’ I’m not really an audiophile – but not sure yet Tidal is living up to its unique selling point