If you’re into adventurous activity, the odds are you have (or want) a GoPro. They’re by far the best action cameras on the market, with great products and backup service. One area that has been somewhat lacking is affordable carry gear for adventures from GoPro, but the company’s Lifestyle Accessories range is set to change that.

The new range includes stand-alone protection for your GoPro cameras and accessories through to some serious packing needs.

  • Daytripper ($169.95AUD) is designed for daily adventures with hydration compatibility and padded storage for a laptop and gear
  • Stash ($119.95AUD) is a rolltop bagdesigned for easy storage layering and reach-in accessibility
  • Mission ($169.95AUD) is a 2-in-1 backpack duffel built to handle extended trips and larger loads.
  • Storm DRY ($169.95AUD) is a waterproof backpack. Described by their design team as welded, watertight and lightweight while being tough as nails.
  • Sling ($89.95AUD) is a sleek, minimalist crossbody bag you can also wear as a waist pack for shorter outings.
  • Casey ($89.95AUD) is a protective, compression-molded case for your GoPro and accessories.
  • Casey LITE ($29.95AUD) is a lightweight, travel-friendly case for your GoPro and accessories.

Investing in cameras is only part of the game if you spend a lot of time outdoors, protecting them and finding new adventures is a big piece of the puzzle.

In the new normal, taking every opportunity to be active will be advantageous to your physical and mental health – so go on, get out there!