We have been waiting a long time for it. It was meant to be released at Google I/O in mid-May but has been continually pushed back due to various reasons — basically 2020 in a nutshell. Now it seems that the release is imminent with Google introducing a new page for a Google phone.

The new lorem-ipsom landing page appeared as a link in the bio of @madebyGoogle Twitter account which also changed its name to “The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream” and added a new bio pic:

The image at the landing page is most likely a teaser for the Pixel 4a and is, as Google likes to do, a puzzle. To solve the puzzle you just tap on each black box until it changes to display the colour sin the order of the Google Logo: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red.

This then displays the wording: The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone and underneath a date is displayed over the phone template. See below:

The test is sort of latin although some of the words are not real latin vocabulary — words such as “videus chatum”, “lowlightena capturum”, “megapixelum” and “longlastingis batterum”. Of course we ran it through Google Translate and got the failed result:

Of course it is not a massive leap at all to think that the Pixel 4a will be the phone launching on August 3. It has been rumoured to be arriving around then and it is far too early in the year for a Pixel 5. We will have to wait and see just what arrives on August 3 to be sure.

If it is the Google Pixel 4a hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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All I want is a BIGGGG battery and 5G and I don’t care the rest.


Some people just add a battery case to supplement small internal phone batteries, although fast charging can negate the need for such accessories in some use cases.


I hope this phone is well supported and provided on payment plans by Optus. Really wouldn’t mind getting one … after advice from the Ausdroid review of course.