In case you missed it overnight Google finally announced their long-awaited Pixel 4a. As expected it a camera-centric mid-range smartphone that is affordable. You may have missed though the availability of suitable fabric cases that are now synonymous with Pixel smartphones.

The new fabric cases are designed with Google’s new focus on sustainability and the environment in mind. Manufactured from over 70 percent recycled plastic the knitted cases are very similar to previous generation fabric cases so you aren’t missing out on anything.

Google have said that just two recycled plastic bottles can be used to make the fabric for five cases. The fabric itself uses a “jacquard pattern” in an attempt to hide the everyday signs of use (and misuse). They can be washed as per usual under a tap of running water — although I prefer to use a damp, clean rag with a water/Napisan mix to rub it clean.

The cases are available in three colours: Blue Confetti and Static Gray (both with an orange Google logo and power button), and Basically Black (mint logo and power button). Unfortunately the case for the mid-range smartphone comes with a fully priced case. The Google Pixel 4a fabric cases will set you back $59 which is a fairly extreme price for a case.

The fabric cases match Google’s design language to a “T” and if you are willing to fork out that extra cash (which is around 10% of the phone cost) are great at protecting the phone while looking good. I’m not sure I see the value but some of us are purists and will want to match the new Pixel smartphone with the Google-designed case.

If you are interested head on over to the Google Store and pre-order yours when you pre-order your new Pixel 4a.

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In case you missed it…

I see what you did there 😉