In a move that would feel crazy if it wasn’t 2020, Google has just officially confirmed their next two devices while launching their latest device. All three devices will be launching this year.

The Pixel 4a is now launched and at AU$599 it’s a compelling device, hot on it’s heels Google has confirmed that there will be a 5G variant of the Pixel 4a. While no specific details were provided to determine if the only change will be the modem.

We’ve been expecting to see a 5G Pixel 5 this year as well, likely in October at a Made by Google event. We now know that there will be a Pixel 5 launch this year — sometime. Again no specifics were given.

It may seem like an odd move announcing a better model of a device on the day it launched, but to us it makes perfect sense. Let’s deal with the Pixel 5 first.

Firstly, everyone is expecting there to be a Pixel 5, so announcing isn’t a huge shock. The Pixel 5 is also not a direct competitor to the Pixel 4a, they’re in a different price bracket entirely.

As for the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a, imagine if a user bought the standard Pixel 4a but would have wanted a 5G variant, that’s a very quick route to very unhappy customers. Overall, if the Pixel 4a 5G cannibalises sales from the Pixel 4a there’s no down side of that for Google.

Which one are you going to get your hands on?

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But the 5G variant might cannibalise its own battery before it gets a chance to eat the standard 4a lunch!!


The 5 might be properly revealed before the 4a is even in store, so weird.