A few months ago we started to see reports internationally that Google was rolling out improved voice recognition for the Google Assistant. The new process involved training the Assistant with longer phrases.

Users in Australia are now being promoted when they use the Assistant to upgrade their voice recognition. For us this included a notification on an Android device, following that lead to the updated voice matching system.

With voice match becoming more and more important for personalised services and responses it’s nice to have any promise of improvement. Those who use use voice match on their Google Smart Speakers and Displays would have encounter the “Sorry I don’t recognise you voice” reply.

Anything that can improve the reliability of Assistant’s ability to recognise our voice is ok in our books. Google states that once trained your voice model lives on the devices you have authorised to recognise you voice.

When you use Assistant that model and your voice is sent to Google for identification, once completed both your voice recording and the voice model are deleted off Google’s authentication services.

In the end if you don’t trust voice assistants or Google you’re unlikely to be using the service anyway. If you are it’s nice to know Google is promising to protect your data and privacy.