Voice to text is old school these days, we’ve had technology for some time and it’s been common on Android keyboards for several years now. That doesn’t mean the user experience, and accuracy, couldn’t be improved for mobile. According to a tear down by 9to5Google we may just be getting a new UI for hands-free typing in Gboard.

During a tear down of the Gboard app 9to5Google found new functionality that takes text to speech/ voice typing to a new level. Traditionally when you use the text to speech option on Gboard the main keyboard UI would remain and there were not dedicated voice controls.

In the refreshed UI when you initiate text to speech a dedicated control UI is launched providing guidance as well as simplified voice interactions options. The new interface will hopefully make interacting and typing via voice easier.

As you can see the new UI includes voice control options beyond just typing, it will be interesting to see the UI in action and is a welcome upgrade. It’s unclear if this update will rely on devices have the Assistant 2 update on their devices. While we wait to find out check out the below video the team at 9to5Google made to show off the feature.