When it comes to our electronic lives, it’s easy to look at the flashy devices we have interfacing with but forget the things that just work. That’s where items like mice and keyboards are often overlooked. Razer has recently delivered a new entry to the keyboard market in the form of the Razer Huntsman Mini.

As the name suggests it’s a miniature keyboard, with portability (or space-saving) in mind but maintaining the functionality and quality that Razer delivers. What you do get is a really simple, old school look keyboard with a delightfully tactile and clicky feel. Then you plug it in…

The look and feel

I truly love how simple this keyboard looks. It reminds me very much of the old Commodore 64 look until the lighting comes into play. Without setting up the Razer Synapse software for Chroma customisation, there are a few lighting patterns already programmed. Personally, I like the colour cycle and reactive lighting. But the lighting options are pretty broad, if you can’t find one you like then you’re not trying particularly hard.

The Huntsman Mini has Razer’s own optical switches in the keys. The majority of users will immediately recognise the noise and feel of the “clicky” option, as a mechanical keyboard and in part – they’re correct. There’s a lot more to the switches though in that they’re optical-based for faster response times and durability.

Being a 60% form factor, some users would potentially be concerned about what’s missing. The short version is physical, a bit is missing but in terms of actual functionality, it’s all there.

The Razer Huntsman Mini doesn’t have the function row, home cluster and Numpad of a traditional full-sized keyboard, yet loses no functionality because all these inputs are still accessible via secondary functions and shortcuts.

So it’s pretty small and very lightweight, it also looks the part particularly if you’re something of a minimalist. The version we’ve received is the mercury white, which has an actuation distance of 1.5mm and a required force of 45g.

The other factor that has given the Huntsman Mini a solid and premium feel is the keys themselves. They’re double-shot PBT keys that have an ever so slightly abrasive feeling to them, resulting in a no-slip touch to it. According to the Razer site, the keys don’t only feel great, they’re durable:

Designed for greater durability, the keycaps on this 60% gaming keyboard have a premium, textured quality that’ll never degrade to a shiny finish or have their labelling wear off with intense use. For easier reference when executing commands and hotkeys, side-printed secondary functions have also been added.

These factors combine to give it a very clean, tactile feeling and positive feedback to inputs and frankly, it’s a delight to type on.

The minimalist approach

Another facet of the Huntsman Mini that really made me happy was the fact that the USB-C cable is detachable. Not just because it means that you can pack away the keyboard in very little space, but it also makes it very portable with a very low risk of damage.

The provided cable is really nice quality also. It’s got a braided exterior, is well and truly long enough to get to a PC under a desk or even used in a desktop environment. This does, however, result in a bit of a disappointment for me in that there are no extra USB ports on the keyboard which eliminates further possibilities for connectivity of peripherals.

Great for gaming, minimalists and mobility

Let’s not labour under any false illusions here, this is not a cheap keyboard and it’s certainly not for everyone. For starters, the very clicky nature of the keyboard will frustrate, even annoy some users. Other’s won’t like the 60% form factor because of the retraining of muscle memory that it will take.

Users though who struggle for space or want a top-quality keyboard to take with them for work or gaming then this is an amazing choice. It looks the part, has a really responsive touch and fits in (with colour options) just about any setting.

The Razer Huntsman Mini is available on the Razer store now, or at your local JB Hi-Fi for $239.00

Disclosure Statement

Double Jump offered the keyboard