Finally… The ability to collaborate on playlists within YouTube Music is now available to everyone. We first heard about this feature a couple of months ago with details filtering through in July. The process to collaborate is really simple:

  1. After creating a playlist, navigate to the edit playlist page
  2. You’ll see the new collaborate button, activate it
  3. You can choose to share the playlist with YouTube Music users or, allow them to add content.

The team behind YouTube Music have been hard at work for some time improving the functionality and ensuring features from Google Play Music are present. This additional feature feels like a final polish of the YouTube Music platform.

With the ultimate shut down date for GPM looming in October, what more do you need (or want) from YouTube Music?

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Now, if only they could add a way to download non-DRM FLAC files so we can get the music we’ve paid for out of their jails!

Jeni Skunk

What more?
For YouTube Music to Die In A God Damned Fire, preferably yesterday.

heriberto velez

And, what about support for wear os?? I bought a fossil gen 5, two weeks ago, with speaker, so now the GPM will not work for wear os?? I want to use YTM in my watch, I ordered earbuds too, don’t want to use another platform or service, I’m already in a paid subscription YTMP.

Duncan Jaffrey

This week in 11 weeks of Android they will be covering Wear OS (likely Wednesday or Thursday) so just hold out some hope.


I’ve tried this a few times but when the recipient clicks the link, they get a 404 error.

Colin Jones

What more? Feature parity, and removal of stupid bugs! There are SO many little things scattered around that I’ve lost count, although I always try to use the Feedback option. How about track repeat? Inexplicably, disappears when casting. Worked fine in GPM (sounds trivial, but how many people have a specific play list that want on repeat and played through speakers (eg sleeping music) Recently played is a basket case, not only is it not actually in chronological order, it’s enumerates every single track, so if you’ve been playing a long play list, anything before that is miles down or… Read more »