Google regularly rolls out new device types to the Google Assistant device developers page. More rarely they accidentally publish details of their confidential Early Access Program (EAP) that allows developer access to device control trails ahead of the public release. Earlier this year we saw such a leak where the existence of Door Bells and Stylers (clothes steams) were accidentally leaked. Overnight we saw GAMECONSOLE join the list of EAP leaks.

Unfortunately, we were only able to capture the text of the information as it was only up for a few hours and well, we were all asleep. However, we can confirm that Google is working on integrating Google Assistant with Game Consoles including commands for:

  • Turning the console on and off
  • Opening Games
  • Starting Apps (eg Netflix)
  • General control of the console, volume etc

With both Microsoft and Sony working on next gen Gaming Consoles, and specifically Sony being a long term Android and Assistant partner it’s quite likely that one or both of the next gen hardware may launch with the native ability for the Google Assistant to control them. That, of course, is a bit of speculation based on a leaked early access developers page, so we guess you may need to digest that with a little salt.

Here is the full text of what we captured.

Device Device Type Description Recommended Traits
Game console action.devices.types.GAMECONSOLE Interactions with game AppSelector
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Yeah people have already brought up that it’s on Xbone (I didn’t know that) and hopefully NOT for PS5… The PS4 already has Voice Recognition Software of its own to do all this, hopefully they continue using THAT on PS5 (screw Google 😂)


This is already possible on xbox one… Ie current generation.


You know you can do that with current gen xbox right? I can control my xbox through google assistant right now.


The Xbox One already has this enabled, it’s not a next gen feature likely just putting a name to the device and hopefully giving it more visual controls on the Google Home App/Nest Hubs


Google integration is already available on xbox consoles though. I can ask my google home to turn on, off, volume up/down and launch games and apps on the xbox. I’m sure it’ll come to next gen consoles too


You’ve been able to at least control the Xbox One via Google Assistant in Oz for like a year now, not sure about PS though. You can say “Hey Google, turn on Xbox” and it will turn it on, along with telling it to open Netflix, even works on game names etc.

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