Back in May, we took an early look at the D-Link COVR-1102 EasyMesh Wi-Fi system. It’s one of the first certified EasyMesh certified options, meaning that even if you don’t necessarily want more than two nodes for now… it’s probably worth the investment to ensure future expandability.

Let’s take that a step further though for people who two nodes aren’t enough. The COVR-1102 that we previously reviewed is a two-node setup, if you need a touch more coverage than the COVR-1100 — a single expansion unit — will allow you to cover that final area of your home. If you’re about to set up, then D-Link has the coverage you need in the COVR-1103 which is a single purchase for three units to ensure full Wi-Fi coverage even in a large home.

If you’re building a brand new network and want to absolutely ensure future proofing, then it’s worth considering that this is 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) and not 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6).

If you’re happy with Wi-Fi 5, then this will absolutely nail your needs. With the MU-MIMO capability, streaming media can be run throughout your home without causing buffering or lag to each others needs and the options offer scalability:

The COVR-1100 is perfect if you’re just starting out in whole home networking or have a smaller space. The COVR-1102 two-pack gives you more reach and coverage up to 325 square metres and the COVR-1103 three-pack truly blankets any home with up to 464 square metres of seamless Wi-Fi.

D-Link has thought through their price model pretty well here too…

  • Single Unit: COVR-1100 – AUD$179.95
  • Two Units: COVR-1102 – AUD$299.95
  • Three Units: COVR-1103 – AUD$399.95

As we covered in our review of the COVR-1102, setup is remarkably simple and you can connect the D-Link system to Assistant or Alexa for increased control over your network. If you’re the type to take a bit more control of your network then there are plenty of advanced options to tweak your network too.

The COVR-110X system is a budget-friendly, fully featured Wi-Fi system that I can honestly recommend for the average Aussie home.

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Im on Telstra NBN. I configured my COVR-1102 in bridge mode on a different router. Was having issues today so put my Telstra router back in. Interestingly my Telstra router appears to have pulled wifi settings from my COVR. I guess that’s EasyMesh at work?