When Motorola showed us the Razr smart flip-phone last year were were all instantly in love. Unfortunately by the time it arrived it had been usurped in not just design and specs but also pricing by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Motorola are already looking to iterate on their original smart flip phone according to rumours and leaks but now that looks set in stone as they announce an event for September 9.

Motorola are sending out teasers for an event that will take place on September 9 accompanied by the tag line “flip the smartphone experience once again”. This is extremely similar to last year’s “You’ve going to flip” tagline which could only mean one thing — a successor to the Motorola Razr.

In the teaser you can see above the graphic seems to show a tumbling smartphone which according to some appears to be a foldable smartphone closing — I cannot see that but it fits with all of the other clues.

This year we are expecting, and let’s face it, Motorola to include some beef into the Razr 2 instead of packing it full of hardware well over 12 months old. A better camera is a definitely requirement — there is no excuse for a spud cam in 2020 and rumours have it as having a 48MP lens with the selfie camera specced at 20MP. It would seem a strange decision for Motorola to once again go with a single lens system but there it is…

We expect to see a Snapdragon 765 5G chipset included in the new foldable alongside 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Unfortunately the battery looks to be small again with rumours having it pegged at just 2,845mAh.

Price-wise expect it to not be cheap but let’s hope they are a bit more competitive with their pricing this year given that it was much lower specced than the Galaxy Z Flip but priced higher.

Whatever the case flip phones could be the way of the future to allow bigger displays to be used without increasing the size that needs to fit in your pocket. We are excited to see what Motorola bring on September 9 and you can be sure we will be doing our best to bring you any and all local information as it comes to hand.

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hope gen 1 goes for sale <$800


Here’s to hoping we get the Motorola One Fusion+ soon too. It’s already out in India, Europe and now the US, but there’s still no word for here in Australia. 🙁