2020 for tech companies has been all about video conferencing/meetings and the improvement of their offerings. The requirement for decent video meeting software caught many companies with their pants down and as such they have been playing catch up desperately all year. Google is one of these and has just rolled out another feature to their video meeting software, Google Meet.

Rolling out over the next few days Google Meet will now include the ability to cast to a different display. We have seen Google Meet come to the Nest Hub Max but now it has been expanded to even more screens.

As we are sure you are aware the Chromecast functionality is easy to use. To get going all you need is a second generation Chromecast device (or later), a Chromecast built-in TV or a Nest smart display and a computer. You will need to make sure you are running the latest version of Chrome browser and Meet app.

Meet on Chromecast allows users to view those in their meeting at a more lifelike size and is coming to the online version and within the app in the next few days.

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Tried it today. Pretty awkward because the webcam and mic/audio are still coming from the laptop so you can look like you’re just looking away at the tv. This is just casting a tab.