In our 2020 COVID containment lifestyles there has been one almost constant for all of us, video chatting is now a thing, for real. While nothing is ever universally true 2020 in tech terms has been the rise of video chatting, and today Google just admitted one more provider onto their smart display ecosystem, say Hello to Zoom.

That’s right, the NSA non-approved video chatting service is making its move onto the Assistant Smart Display platform by the end of the year. From the description, you will be able to choose between Google Meet or Zoom as your future default video meeting provider.

With the COVID global pandemic unlikely to be eradicated by the end of this year it’s unfortunately likely that this feature will still be useful by the time it rolls out.

We’re glad to see Google admitting competition onto their platform especially as there currently doesn’t seem to be a monetisation strategy for services on Assistant.

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Zoom is making inroads in a space where I feel Lenovo missed the mark.
When Lenovo made their MS Teams enabled Thinksmart View, I wondered why they didn’t make it a dual mode device with Google Home. After all, they already had their Google Smart Display.
I would be all over a Google/MS Teams dual device.