Previously getting Android Auto to work wirelessly was restricted to a limited set of devices, now we have found out that Android 11 will remove that restriction. To get Wireless Android Auto working on your phone you obviously need a head unit that is capable of receiving the signal.

In the updated developer guidelines Google now lists the following compatibility details:

With this change, Wireless Android Auto is now open to any Android device running Android 11 that also includes Wi-Fi 802.11 5GHz capability. This should mean much more availability of Wireless Android Auto on handsets, now we just need more head units to launch with the capability.

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Interesting to see Google has specifically mentioned Samsung smartphones. Does this mean that other makes won’t work? Or that the service is optimised for Pixel and Samsung phones?


Question: Have Google said anything about if AndroidOne or Android Go devices will be able to use this easy wireless link system to Android Auto?