There are a few reports appearing online of users finally seeing lyrics appear on the web interface for YouTube Music. This is a feature that’s been available on mobile platforms for some time now, understandably since that’s the majority of users. In the early stages of the mobile rollout, there were a lot of songs that simply didn’t have lyrics but Google — it seems — is working hard to remedy that.

Unfortunately, the feature is not yet live for us, but 9to5Google have screenshots showing the feature off. Perhaps in true Google form, it’s a staged rollout to check the use level of the feature before enabling it for all users.

Perhaps the next step for lyrics is to sync it to the playback for home karaoke in these tough times. Regardless of what does come next, we’re mere days from the sunset of Google Play Music. Users have the option to transition to YouTube Music or move to one of the other streaming platforms – Which will you choose?

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I would not be surprised at all to learn Google are preventing Australia from receiving access to features such as this, simply as punishment for failing to stop the ACCC from doing their job.