Sadly international travel isn’t on the cards for Aussies anytime soon. COVID-19 has put that potential on the back burner, but there’s no harm in preparing right? Google Translate has opened the world to travellers who — like myself — aren’t multilingual.

With an update to the Google Translate app, you can now save your conversations.

While this feature isn’t going to be used every time you use the app, it’s got the potential to be very useful. Imagine you’re in Rome, asking for directions and get them via Google Translate: with the new save feature you won’t need to ask again, you can simply refer back to your save conversation.

Of course, there are a number of other potential uses for this, directions are just a simple example. These Google apps just steadily get better with more functions making them easier to use and more useful.

What would you like to see from Google’s Apps to make them even better?