So many times we have seen phones release with new Gorilla Glass versions on them but in the end they always fail to protect our phones how we want them to. We want them to be able to survive a drop. We want that display ot be able to survive a slip onto the floor — phones seem to be getting slipperier and slipperier in recent times. Who hasn’t had a phone seemingly slide around on its own on the table?

Gorilla Glass Victus may well finally be the answer. In a video from PhoneBuff the new Gorilla Glass version on the Note 20 Ultra is put to the test — and it impresses. The Note 20 Ultra is compared in various drop tests to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and it smashes it.

The phones are dropped (by a machine that allows for extremely similar drop angles, heights etc) on their backs, a corner and their fronts. As you can see in the video above while the Note 20 Ultra fares exceptionally well and although it does not come out unscathed — there are small blemishes from each drop — it fares a long way better than the iPhone.

Even after 10 drops on its front the Note 20 Ultra’s display seems mostly unscathed from the drops — onto concrete it seems — compared to the iPhone. The Note 20 Ultra also remains usable entirely unlike the iPhone.

Could this new Gorilla Glass help those of us who drop their phones far too often in the future? While the sample size is extremely small we will have to wait and see how it fares in the future but in this small test it looks revolutionary.

If you own a Note 20 Ultra though we do not recommend testing this out for yourself — just watch the video above and feel a bit more secure that you will not (hopefully not) render it unusable with a single accidental drop.

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Daryl Hall

This is good news, got mine in a Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and I feel like this will keep it in perfect condition.


I dunno , i dont mean to be a bit ho hum about the tougher glass , , even though it is great that it is more durable , to me the problem is not only about the glass , but the design of our phones . In the old days we had these things called " Bezels ". Not only did they give us something to hang onto , they also acted like a bumper because they protruded further out than the glass . They where also more often than not plastic which absorbed some of the drop impact… Read more »


Butterfingers rejoice!