We expected to see the full announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 at Unpacked a few weeks ago but instead Samsung just showed a small teaser of the upcoming device. This is 2020 though and not much can really be kept secret and as such a full review of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has surfaced overnight.

The new video shows not just the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 but also compares it, in hand, to the Galaxy Fold (the original version). We get to see the Z Fold 2’s outer display in full glory and full action showing gaming and Maps on it along with it in the new Flex modes.

In it’s full openness glory the display is extremely immersive and the new punch hole rather than the huge cutout makes it a much more enjoyable experience it seems. Although the video is in Chinese the pictures tell a thousand words, and then some.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 was put through its paces showing various ways the new foldable can be used — novel ways that make it even more useful. In the end though the phone, when foldable, will be a lot thicker than nearly every other phone available and of course more expensive than nearly every other phone around.

Will that be enough for it to sell? Considering Samsung were happy with how the original Fold sold there is no doubt in my mind that this one will sell even better. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 is better in every single way than the original Fold device and you would expect that Samsung have improved the folding mechanism even more with this new generation.

Although it may be out of reach for so many of us nearly all of us tech fiends will want to get hands on with one just to see what it is like. We can’t wait for our hands on and look forward to bringing you our thoughts on it.

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Do i want to see it in action? Tbh no, not really


.. okay?


Hey they asked the question 😛